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Before You Travel
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Share your travel plans with someone who can deal with emergencies and access your residence in your absence if necessary.
Suspend your mail delivery, or have it forwarded appropriately (to a rented P.O. box if a long trip makes it necessary).
Freeze or cancel your newspaper delivery and other services (like magazines, gym membership, ...etc).
Inform your credit card issuers of your travel dates and locations. Otherwise, they might suspend your accounts when unexpected charges appear from abroad.
Ensure that your important documents and cards (passport, ATM cards, credit cards) do not expire while you are away.
Check the weather one week prior to departure and verify it again the day before your trip.
Scan and email to yourself all formal, financial and health documents. You never know when such copies become handy.
When appropriate, arrange with a neighbor to create car and foot tracks into the house. Or even shovel/plow.
Unplug your appliances and gadgets to save on electricity bills.
Dispose your garbage.
Turn off water on washing machines.
Inspect all your doors and windows to ensure that they are secure, and lock your garage door.
Charge all electronic devices that you plan to pack (phone, computer, GPS, ...).
Reconfirm your accommodation reservation, especially with smaller hotels.
Schedule the payment of any bills that might come due during your trip.
Make arrangements for the care of your pets and plants.
Get rid of any food that could spoil in your refrigerator or any other storage location.
Enjoy Your Trip
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